Isolation Blues: The Trials and Trails of Social Distancing–Chapter 4

This isolation thing is in full swing as we approach the second Thursday in April. Carolyn  has made it through another essential work week and we are looking forward to some new adventures. To get our weekend going, Carolyn borrows Jordyn’s bike and we head off down the canal into Scottsdale and over to Goldwater Brewing Company where we pick up a crowler (canned growler) of their famous Desert Rose a Cactus Kolsch to enjoy later in the week. We cruise around enjoying the ride and stop on our way back down the canal at O.H.S.O. Brewery and Distillery. It is a fun stop along the canal and we order some beer and a turkey burger. They informed us that happy hour prices were in effect and the place seems to be doing quite well and weathering the COVID 19 storm. Our beer of choice is the Popcycle Blonde, a Lemon-Raspberry Golden Lager. rRY+uKspRt6346KP5YU4zgIt is quite refreshing and a perfect warm-weather brew. Just sitting on the canal enjoying life watching people pass on by makes for a great late afternoon adventure. By the time I arrive at the condo, I have logged 26 miles on my New Belgium Fat Tire bicycle. As they say, “Shop Local, Drink Local”! We consider that essential.

Friday is hike a different trail for us. This is Good Friday and I’m hoping to make it a Great Friday. Carolyn and I head north on I-17 and are pleased that there isn’t much traffic. Go figure. Our first stop is along the interstate for a small loop trail hike, Richinbar Mine and Pueblo Trail, located in the Aqua Fria National Monument that promises us some petroglyphs by the canyon. A bit over 2 miles relatively flat but once again completely social distanced since there is only one soul we will see on our hike.

You can walk further to check out more of the mining type ruins in the area but we were content to see a few of the mines and ruins that are right off the eastern most part of the trail. The canyon is very scenic and you can spot the Aqua Fria River. Talk about just a fun time being together being able to relax and take in different scenery along the way. The petroglyphs are not disappointing.

On our way back we encounter one elderly person who has been sighting his rifle. Very friendly and shows a photo plus tells us about another large petroglyph rock that is hard to find and at another exit. We think we will wait until snake season subsides before we go bushwhacking our way through the tall grass. Great start to our day. Our next stop is a very popular area that has many people around due to easy access to the river and with COVID-19 lockdowns in place, more and more people trying to get outdoors.

The Badger Springs Trail follows a spring to the confluence of where it connects to the Aqua Fria River. You can tell that many come here for swimming and recreating. To get extra hike in, we park our car at the very first parking area and then walk about a mile to the actual trailhead. There are some nice petroglyphs at the confluence. The water is running both in the springs and the river. A great day for some small hikes.

Another fun day of exploring things that we haven’t done before. Once again, water in the desert is always a blessing.

Easter Sunday arrives and I get out on my bike and ride with Jordyn and James through Paradise Valley, across Indian Bend, down the Hayden Greenbelt to Tempe Town Lake and by the time I get back home, I have taken my cruiser 41 miles. That is quite the workout on a single speed heavy bike but glad I did it. For Easter Dinner, Carol, my mother-in-law, has roasted a leg of lamb. Great way to finish out the day with a social distanced dinner by myself since Carolyn is at work.

Still managing to occupy my time with various projects and biking around the area. Coming soon are some observations from my journey on some things I have picked up on. Yes, I can say I have yet to watch a single news conference concerning COVID 19. I get all my fun filled facts from Facebook, sarcasm noted and intended. Yup, I think I have heard all. It is my Friday and Sunday was a coming.

For Carolyn and I, we are going to keep on living our lives and if that means wearing a mask, oh well, but we are going to be outdoors absorbing that antioxidant Vitamin D.

Stay safe my friends but for the love of God, get outdoors and don’t be held prisoner to your physical home. You can still social distance when leaving the safety of your home. Next stop, Payson.

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Longtime public educator who retired. Love the outdoors and rapidly adjusting to a new me.
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