Isolation Blues: The Trials and Trails of Social Distancing Chapter 3

Friday March 13, 2020, I got the news that I was being furloughed (thanks to COVID-19) and I was alarmed since I have always worked with little time away from doing something active. These first few weeks went like a flash and the weather only improved so outdoors activities were becoming a norm for me. I now had my cruiser bike to hit areas around our Phoenix condo and when Carolyn is off work, we hit some local hiking spots.

The day after we were in the Camp Verde, we decided to explore some of the Aqua Fria River areas north of Phoenix. We hiked about 12 miles or so with a couple thousand feet elevation gains. The weather was beautiful, the trails had few hikers (less then 10 we encountered) for a Friday.

We had to cross the river on our journey and it always something special to see running water in the desert. Another area that we had never explored and another trail where social distancing was an easy thing. Once again we pondered, why have we never been here before. Thanks to a Jordyn recommendation we chose something completely different and well worth the 2000 feet elevation gains.

Since we have no breweries to go to we just sat and enjoyed a craft beer upon our finish and later we did grab some fish sandwiches from Ingo’s that were absolutely the best. Mouth watering, curbside pick up. Can’t go wrong with that place.

For Carolyn’s third day away from work, we walked the canal to the Biltmore golf course for exercise and a beer from The Adobe. Sitting under tree with a draft-craft beer. Good way to spend a Saturday. Once we get back we continue to plow our way through Bordertown on Netflix. Aunt Em recommended and we love it.

I’ve learned to relax, well sort of relax, right after washing clothes, cleaning floors, etc. I have taken to riding my bicycle to the grocery stores since I might as well get some exercise. I refuse to watch news, except local news in the mornings and of course I have found myself reading Facebook posts more often, engaging in battles on local news sites with some that I just love to irritate. In other words my time is occupied.

I also got to enjoy another ride down the canal with Jordyn and James. Always fun to get out. On my rides I notice that there are many who appear to have never ridden a bike before, others who are now jogging who have never jogged before. Bicycle sells must have skyrocketed as well as bright shiny running shoes. Most of the canal goers are polite, while some have no idea of courtesy and common sense rules of sharing pathways. I’ve been cranking it up to 30 miles some days. I’m staying occupied. Soon Carolyn will be off again, and we will be hitting the road for some more close by hikes and adventures.

More to follow with some petroglyph hunting coming soon. Some cool stuff that we had never done before. Stay tuned.

About timfruth

Longtime public educator who retired. Love the outdoors and rapidly adjusting to a new me.
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