Isolation Blues: The Trials and Trails of Social Distancing–Part Two

Onto another week of being furloughed and figuring out how I am going to spend my time without spending my money. After a disappointing week of weather, picking up littered aluminum cans, shredding documents no longer needed, and social distancing from my spouse, (me in Payson, Carolyn in Phoenix) I return to the Valley of the Sun to hang out with Carolyn on her days off.

Just in time for some binge watching of The Tiger King, and some cool new movies streamed into the living room–Dark Waters, and 1917.

Joe Exotic and company left me feeling quite contaminated and was quite stunned to see that Joe had actually received almost 20% of the vote when running for governor in Oklahoma. I will say we got through it in one day and thankfully I don’t have to revisit such weirdness. The movies were fantastic and we enjoyed both them from the comfort of our living room delivered through Redbox online. It was a good weekend to stay indoors while trying to avoid the news at all costs. The Pandemic COVID-19 was all that seemed to be discussed. After talking to Aunt Emilie, she said she was watching Bordertown on Netflix. We went with her recommendation and it is fascinating. Takes place in Finland on the border with Russia. Good detective show and highly recommend for some entertainment. Very graphic but oh well, that’s life.

It’s the last Sunday in March and Carolyn took off to work, and I took off to explore the canals on my single speed New Belgium cruiser bicycle. I haven’t ridden too much and have never rode this bike as it sat in the garage for almost six years. Long story on how I acquired in but lets just say I had the winning hand. Anyhow I ride from our condo on the Arizona Canal from 16th St to 59th Ave. After Central Ave, nobody is out on this section of the canal as it becomes a bit sketchy with lots of litter and abandoned shopping carts and riding through the underpasses becomes challenging. Once I got past the Metro Center area, then thing change with others out on the canal walking and riding. This ride amounted to 21+ miles and I’m liking it.

I’ve decided to get out and explore various routes off of the Arizona Canal. Carolyn goes to work, I look to avoid work around the house that is. One can only sweep the floors, do the laundry, clean the bathroom, fix the meals, make the bed, etc so many times before boredom sets in. Of course I’m still reading away but I need to be outside, so day two on the canal takes me on a 10 mile roundtrip but day 3 on the canals take me into Old Town Scottsdale and Tempe Town Lake for a 30+ mile trip. I ride by the Arizona Falls on the canal and see some mountain goats at the zoo plus I get a good look at my daughter Caitlin’s office on Tempe Town Lake.

On April Fools’ Day, I head down the canal for another 30 mile trip over to Indian Bend Wash and stop at Pima Road before returning. It really is a beautiful day and I find myself relaxing and just taking my time just enjoying areas that I haven’t been. Many newbies out walking and riding. The Scottsdale Waterfront area of restaurants, condos. offices, etc is quite stunning. The journey is most enjoyable. IMG_3686

On Thursday, Carolyn is off work so we take our time getting around but we decide to head towards Camp Verde for a hike we have never done. The ride is nice as less traffic is on the road and we get to an area that is easily accessible, less traveled, and a nice scenic hike. We see water and only a total of 5 people on our four mile loop trail that gets us 400 foot elevation gains and a smooth trail that is easy on the feet. Relaxing and being with Carolyn alone on the trail is perfect.

To see running water and a spring fed waterfall is quite special to us. In the desert water is extra special and just being in nature during these isolating times brings about a peace and it is so spiritual to be out alone in a spiritual setting. You can still find less traveled (social distancing) trails during these times where more and more people are outdoors. No reason to hang with the crowds.

No breweries today, only a quick trip through the drive through at Starbucks in Camp Verde.

Be Blessed!

About timfruth

Longtime public educator who retired. Love the outdoors and rapidly adjusting to a new me.
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