Elections over: Are You Ready for Some Football

Forget all the election stuff and lets focus on what really represents rural America and that is Friday Night Football. The past two weeks have found me in Holbrook, AZ, you know the place that has the teepees for motel rooms. Anyhow, another close game and just plain fun. 6 to 6 at the end of the 3rd quarter and Round Valley scores 2 late td’s to win the game 20 to 6. Was it ever cold.

Fast forward to last Friday, playoffs have begun and the crew that I work with, Dan Waring, Joe Merklin, TJ Ortega, Shane Walker, were back on the field for some playoff action. Beautiful night and sure enough the tough man crew (minus me) is all into their $75 officiating shirts that just happen to be short sleeved. Our white hat, Dan and umpire Joe are New Jersey boys. They like to take the I’m tougher then you route and of course being the old guy on the crew, I just take the lets be warm route. So that means, short sleeves for them and me, long johns, thermals and a not so fancy long sleeved ref shirt with gloves on my hands. After all is was in the low 50’s at kickoff.

But I digress. The teams were Fountain Hills at Show Low and Show Low won the battle. I of course work with the chain side which puts me with the visitors. What a great bunch of coaches and kids as they never gave up and displayed great sportsmanship the entire game. Oh long sleeves (me) and short sleeves (everybody else) had a great time.

Working with Ed Hochuli’s brother, ok want to be brother, Shane is nothing but good times. Shane works out and has the big ole biceps while the rest of us are sort of scrawny in that department. So we call Shane, Ed and it all good,

Most memorable part of the game? We come out after halftime and one of our senior members had a senior moment and left their flag in the locker room at halftime. Comical but it all worked out. Like I told him, Fountain Hills wishes you had left your whistle there as well. Ok, the penalty flag reappears and life goes on.

So to wrap up a great evening I spend the night at the white hat’s house, have some tasty beverages, and watch Third Day on the Tonight Show. What a great wrap to great evening. Another 90 mile trip for some good times.

Back to my original point, the election process may be over for this year, but high school sports continue and it makes rural America the place to be on a Friday night. If you missed it, check out Third Day with their rocking new song “Hit Me Like a Bomb” off a rocking new album Miracle. My friends from Atlanta have never sounded better. Great, great performance! It is at 37:40 into the Tonight Show from Friday November 2, 2012. So to my officiating crew, You hit me like a bomb.

Check it out, You will like it. http://www.nbc.com/the-tonight-show/video/friday-november-2-2012/1422708/

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Longtime public educator who retired. Love the outdoors and rapidly adjusting to a new me.
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