Lincoln: The Movie

Today I ventured out for a matinee movie with my daughter, Jordyn. I suppose this is one of the advantages of not being employed as in retired that you can go to the less expensive matinees. With that being said, this was the first movie I have been to since I retired at the end of June. Now Jordyn and I decided to go see the Steven Spielberg directed movie, Lincoln. Jordyn and I had a special interest in seeing this movie since we through our genealogy are related to the greatest president of all time, on my mother’s side, Abraham Lincoln.

The movie takes place mainly during January of 1865, as President Lincoln is seeing that the end is near for the Civil War. He has the 13th Amendment on his mind as he works to pass the Amendment through a Congress that is a tough one to get the required two thirds vote. Daniel Day-Lewis is brilliant as President Lincoln and surely he will be nominated for an Oscar. The supporting crew is masterfully put together with Tommy Lee Jones turning in a special performance as Thaddeus Stevens. Sally Field is fabulous as Mary Todd Lincoln. The dialogue between the President and Mrs. Lincoln is beyond fascinating.

This may be the best and possibly the most accurate of all historical biographical movies. Spielberg weaves a dramatic masterpiece that left this viewer an emotional wreck. Truly President Lincoln was the greatest and Spielberg makes it clear that Mr. Lincoln new how to lead by his courageous stands on issues and how he did reach across the aisle for true bi-partisan support. Any current or past president who invokes the name of Lincoln in describing their own presidency and leadership is committing blasphemy in my personal opinion. They just don’t compare.

One can only imagine how President Lincoln would have contributed if he had not had his life cut short by an assassin a few months after making sure that slavery was abolished and the Civil War over. Surely the Civil War Reconstruction would have gone much better as President Lincoln was never about getting even or punishing those who had opposed him.

Watching Congress work in January of 1865 is beyond fascinating. Don’t think for a moment that partisan politics weren’t going on back in those days. It is quite ironic to note that it was the Republicans who were on the side of abolishing slavery while the Democrats opposed the Amendment.

Great lessons in history and this movie completely left me in tears. Why? As I have tried to state, one can only imagine what he could have accomplished if allowed to live and complete a second term and probably would have been elected to a third term. For me that was an emotional sequence of “what if?”

If you haven’t seen the movie, you need to. It is hard for me to imagine that some teen vampire movie literally sells more tickets then an immediate classic about the greatest President who ever sat in the oval office. That is an America that disappoints me that we would rather watch a teen vampire flick then something that should be a teaching moment for all to see.

See the trailer here:

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