Another Homecoming: Payson vs Coronado

Another Friday night football game and I believe my 4th homecoming game this year and this was a real nail biter. It was homecoming night for Payson High School and in someways a homecoming for me as it was the first time this year I have had a Payson varsity football game. The weather was simply fabulous for a Friday night. Getting out on the field prior to the start of the game was sort of thrilling. Walking around, talking with coaches, staff, and others was most interesting. They even played some AC DC during the pre-game and you know I was loving that.

Having Don Heizer as the athletic director sure has improved how officials are treated at Payson High School. He has implemented an ambassador program where students from the DECA program meet the officials and escort them to and from locker room areas and they provide a nice sandwich type of meal for the officials. I can honestly say that officials really do appreciate the hospitality and it sets a nice tone for the evening. So my hat is off to Mr. Heizer and the job he is doing as the athletic director. The students were great and friendly and it really is a great program that he has put in place.

Working the chain side was fun as the local Payson Chapman Auto group ran the chains and have done so for many years. Working with a variety of chain crews, I can honestly say these guys are at the very top.

Payson had a commanding lead at halftime with a score of 20 to 0. Coronado came roaring back and after trading scores, were down 28 to 26 and went for 2 with just a few minutes left. A bad snap to the QB ended that opportunity and Payson still led 28 to 26. Coronado botches the onside kick as the kicker fooled everybody including his coaches by kicking it deep. Somehow, someway, Coronado uses its last time out with about 2:30 left in the game. It is 3rd down and a long distance to go for the Longhorns. Inexplicably, Payson passes the ball and it falls incomplete, stopping the clock and forcing the Longhorns to punt. I’m thinking this could be a fantastic finish as Coronado had scored on all but one or two possession in the second half. Payson punts, the Coronado player calls for a fair catch and the ball hits him in the chest, bouncing on to the ground with Payson recovering. Game over.

I have to admit, it was a fun game. The head coach of Coronado, was on my sidelines and he had some funny comments that I sure enjoyed. He was pleasant and respectful and just seemed to enjoy football. Not only that, he had some of the best one or two liners I have ever heard on the sidelines. My favorite was after he had called a timeout on fourth down and the play resulted in a big loss and the ball being turned over to the Longhorns. “Tim, whoever called that play after that timeout should be fired.” Of course, the coach had called the play. There was other similar comments and I sure enjoyed working with him.

Another great game and great time and to think I was paid to work. I would call that a successful homecoming for me.

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Longtime public educator who retired. Love the outdoors and rapidly adjusting to a new me.
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