It’s A Beautiful Day: Part II Metolius River, Oregon

I’m gonna sing a brand new song, Yeah I’m about to get my worship on
Take me away on this beautiful day by Jamie Grace

Sunday morning sunshine after a Cannon Beach day, Carolyn and I jump in the car and head out for another new adventure in Oregon as we travel towards Bend. God, I’m just loving this.

On the highway towards Bend, the drive is beautiful, and I mean beautiful. Traffic is heavy heading in the opposite direction but we are cruising along just taking in the sights. Spectacular. We decide on the southern route down I-5 on to Route 22 to Route 20. We pass lakes, rivers, Mount Jefferson, Mount Washington, the Three Sisters and it is beautiful. What a drive.

We stop in the Camp Sherman area for a river hike along the Metolius River. What a great time. The joy of walking along a river that flows and flows and nobody around. We end up hiking about 9 total miles just enjoying life and each other. Something about water that just energizes the soul. It’s a beautiful day, sunshine, warm, and great company. Leaving the troubles behind. On our journey we gain about 500 feet but most importantly we gain peace in troubled times.

We get back in the car and head towards Bend. As we drive into Sisters and as I have said, every good hike deserves a good beer, so we head to the Three Creeks Brewing Company. Good service and good beer. Our bartender was full on information and ideas.


Onward we head to Bend, arriving in the late afternoon and get checked into the Doubletree. What a great location. We are right in the old historic downtown with most places within walking distance. Tonight’s stop is the Bend Brewing Company. Outdoor seating along the Deschutes River, masked up, clean, peaceful, and once again friendly service. We’ve only been in Bend for a few hours and we are loving it. Just walking hand in hand down the streets enjoying the newness of adventure.

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Longtime public educator who retired. Love the outdoors and rapidly adjusting to a new me.
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