It’s A Beautiful Day

Hey hey hey
It’s a beautiful day and I can’t stop myself from smilin’
If we’re drinkin’, then I’m buyin’
And I know there’s no denyin’
It’s a beautiful day, the sun is up, the music’s playin’
And even if it started rainin’
You won’t hear this boy complainin’
‘Cause I’m glad that you’re the one who got away
It’s a beautiful day
by Michael Buble

After landing in Portland, we left the city for Hillsboro, and the Embassy Suites and a stop at the local Costco for some Tim’s Potato Chips from Cascade Snacks. It’s cloudy and some light sprinkles. We meet up with some ole Payson friends, Dan and Bernadette Dillon. We got to eat dinner and have a couple cold ones at the McMenamins Cornelius Pass Roadhouse. Max Stern and his wife Brooke also showed up. What a great time catching up. The venue is spectacular with lots of outdoor seating for eating and drinking.

We stayed at the local Embassy Suites, got up early and headed to Cannon Beach. The west coast of Oregon is spectacular. After coffee, we head on down to Haystack Rock. Beautiful day for a walk along the Oregon Coast. We make a big loop and walk around the town and even stop in the quaint local library. 

Ecola State Park. This had been closed for awhile but some of the trails had reopened and we took advantage. The trail we hiked was the Clatsop Loop Trail from Indian Beach for a three mile round trip gaining about 800 feet in elevation. There is a great overlook for a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean and the Tillamook Lighthouse. Some great history in the area and of the lighthouse. Very beautiful area and fabulous state park.

We head back into Cannon Beach and head to Public Coast Brewing Co. Every good hike deserves a good beer and this place might not have the name recognition that Pelican Brewery does, but it rocks. We grabbed a ’67 Blonde Ale and it was a fantastic light, summer brew. Sitting outdoors, eating humongous fresh picked blueberries and sipping a Blonde Ale, well it just doesn’t get much better.

Beer and Blueberries

The day is still young, so off we go to the next state park hike on our list: Oswald West. Since it is a Saturday and sunny, the number of people escaping outdoors is growing. We finally find a place to park and head to Cape Falcon Trailhead. On this hike, we travel about five miles, 650+ elevation gains, and once again spectacular view of the coastline and beaches. Not overcrowded at all. Another beautiful day for a fantastic hike. On our arrival back to our car, we headed to Pelican Brewing Company in Cannon Beach. This is the best known brewery in the area but we were disappointed. They were out of the brews we wanted to try and it was too crowded to be fun. We skipped dinner there and grabbed some fish and chips to go from Tom’s Fish and Chips. Good eats.

We head back to Hillsboro after a very successful and fun day in the Cannon Beach area. I just know I could probably spend at least a week in that area and never get bored. It was a beautiful day.

Got get up and head east towards Bend.

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Longtime public educator who retired. Love the outdoors and rapidly adjusting to a new me.
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  1. “Beaker” says:

    Hey, fellow CCHS classmate Beth Downs lives in Eugene, if you’re headed that way in your travels!

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