Celebration: We Are Gonna Celebrate Your Party With You

My life has just been frenetic lately as I race around every weekend doing something. It was just a weekend ago last that we were celebrating my mother in law’s birthday. So Carol, this party blog is for you. With that in mind, these Kool and the Gang “Celebrate” lyrics seem to fit.

There’s a party goin’ on right here
A celebration to last throughout the years

So bring your good times and your laughter too
We gonna celebrate your party with you
Come on now, celebration
Let’s all celebrate and have a good time
We gonna celebrate and have a good time

Kool and the Gang bring it one more time.

Carolyn and I started the celebrating Friday with a BOGO offer at Denny’s and we brought Carol along to get her free Grand Slam on her birthday. Not to say I’m cheap or something like that but come on that is a great tradition having a free Grand Slam at Denny’s on your birthday. Even Walter White partook of the Grand Slam at Denny’s. If you don’t know Walter, well you should check out Breaking Bad.

Saturday came around and Carolyn and Carol head to the Valley in the party bus (Carol’s sweet Corolla) and I ride with Norm to officiate football. Three games and three games that went very smooth. We were back at Gilbert Christian and that’s a nice field to be on. The last time we were there is when the parent threatened the game EMT and administrator and then me as I got involved. That was the “i’m going to find your family on  Facebook and get them” threat. No threats this time except me with Norm on paying attention. But what else would be new?

I get dropped off after the game and we make our way over to the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Chandler that was forever the San Marcos. It is downtown and a nice property. Our roomIMG_2475 wasIMG_2476 nice minus the vents in the bathroom. I don’t always expect much but dirty vents in a room drive me nutty especially when it is a nice property and there really is no excuse for an easy clean. The rest of the room is in good shape and the young lady at check in is very pleasant and welcoming so kudos to her for her very cheery and welcoming customer service. There is even a wedding in the facility and some fine looking folks milling in the bar area. I check in with my football stuff on and the groomsmen and I have an interesting conversation on who looks better. Funny stuff. http://www.ihg.com/crowneplaza/hotels/us/en/chandler/phxqq/hoteldetail

We get ready for some downtown action after all we have a birthday to celebrate. Caitlin and Bryan have joined Jordyn, Carolyn, Carol, and I for some fun. It is a prom night so there are nicely dressed couples around and the San Marcos upstairs ballroom is hosting the party. First stop is to get on the waiting list at the SanTan Brewery and we walk down to Murphy’s Law. IMG_2471A nice Irish pub with a very healthy craft beer selection mixed in with some Irish beers. The place is active and we sit down for a cold one waiting on our text from SanTan. If you are downtown Chandler, it is well worth a visit. http://www.murphyslawaz.com

The SanTan is a buzz. Place is packed. Waiting lines but very cool. Entire outdoor section with old brick exterior and interior walls. It feels good to be here. They have a big selection of their own craft brews and we eat here mainly burger type food which was very good. Prices are about 10 bucks a burger but the atmosphere and the beer is why this place is so popular. Just a fun spot and we will be back. http://www.santanbrewing.com I’m thinking this might be a step up from a Denny’s Grand Slam but I don’t know. IMG_2473

Onward we go, as the girls look for ice cream and Bryan and I check out Bourbon Jacks. Another very cool night spot. They have a huge list of bourbons and some pricey ones are on the menu. Pappy’s 15 year old for around $65 a drink and we pass but good to know we could have it if we sell much more stuff on eBay. So we get something much more reasonable as in Four Roses for me and Basil Hayden for my soon to be son-in-law and we are checking out our eBay sales and Bryan is wheeling and dealing and re-listing and making sales while we sip away. Our seats are soon removed as they prepare for a band. Another nice spot in Chandler. http://bourbonjacksaz.com

We head on over to the local sports bar to check it out. Coach and Willie’shttp://coachwillies.com It has tv’s everywhere and smaller crowd since we are out  way after 9 but the place looks to be interesting. We meet up with the girls and Jordyn heads back to Tempe, Carolyn and her mother back to the hotel, Caitlin to meet some friends back at Bourbon Jacks and Bryan and I to hang out for a bit at Coach and Willie’s. We eventually head over to Caitlin and her friends and now Bourbon Jack’s is really abuzz. Band is a playing and the place is packed. Caitlin’s friends are there and we hang for awhile but all good things have to come to an end and homeward bound I head back to the hotel. Carolyn and Carol are asleep and soon I join them in the land of the zzzz’s.

Sunday arrives and for the party group, it is breakfast at SanTan. Seriously it is a good one.IMG_2477 I have the SanTan Big Play Breakfast. 2 jalapeño corn meal pancakes | pecan butter | agave syrup | 2 house made breakfast sausage links | two strips of chipotle bacon | two eggs |hash browns | spent grain beer bread, tortillas or sourdough english muffin. Oh it was good. The pancakes were phenomenal! Thankfully we had checked in on Yelp so we got 20% off and oh by the way the coffee was fantastic. Sitting outdoors was a bonus. I say check it out sometime.

We leave and head over to The Lost Dutchman state park and do a nice loop hike on a beautiful morning. I have really enjoyed finally discovering this park. Very accessible with plenty of trails and nice parking areas with functional restrooms.

We end up after the hike eating at the Olive Garden and what a deal. We get the all you can eat salad, soup, breadsticks, and add water for our beverage. Under 25 bucks for the three of us. Hadn’t been in a long time but it was great.

Just like all good things, the party bus has to return to reality and back to Payson we head after a great celebratory weekend. Tightwad Tim taking his mother in law to Denny’s for a free breakfast just was a prelude to a real party weekend. Just maybe I’m not such a cheapskate after all.

A big thanks to Carolyn for suggesting the Chandler downtown area. I hadn’t spent any time there prior to this adventure and “Chandler” we will be back. I just hope the Crowne cleans my vents so I want to return.

Another adventure ends only waiting for the next one. Still #livingthedream

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2 Responses to Celebration: We Are Gonna Celebrate Your Party With You

  1. Carol Hock says:

    Yes, it was a really great celebration of my 75th BD , from the free Grand Slam continuing thru all the great spirits and food items – this weekend was certainly one to remember – especially since I enjoyed the company of three generations. Thank you all for all the planning and treating me with such a party!! Me ( AKA Carol, Mom, Grandma)

  2. timfruth says:

    It was fun! We are so glad you enjoyed it. Party on!

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