Pathways to Prosperity Project

Finally finding this report that was published by the Harvard Graduate School of Education in February 2011 has really been a fascinating read. It is clear from the report that we are not serving our students in ways that we should. Many statistics are bantered about but they not only show what isn’t working, they show examples of countries that are providing high quality career and technical training programs for students in upper secondary grades. The report also gives valid examples of some solid vocational education programs in schools and states.

It is evident that vocational training in many states, including Arizona, oftentimes focuses on low paying employment opportunities.  The report is over 50 pages long but should be read by anybody who has interest in providing high skills to young adults so they can be employed in higher paying careers. The report advocates for training programs that offer certificates and it also advocates for students receiving more guidance into community college programs that offer certificated programs. The report clearly states that bachelor degree programs should not be and are not for every student who graduates from high school. It is a very compelling report.

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