Third Day: The Journey Continues

My springtime journey in finding out everything I could about this band Third Day was moving forward. In my own life, I was really on a search and find mission of what I was going to do. Working on my educational leadership/principalship classes was keeping me busy and my faith based life was being revitalized. I had always had a real fondness for music and having a student introduce me to the music of Third Day forever changed who I am. 

I loved the EP Southern Tracks and just devoured those four songs. So I just listened to Time for hours at a time and just was blown away by the lead singer’s voice. You might know him as Mac Powell but for me I didn’t know who he was, what he was, I just knew that this guy had a voice like none I had ever heard. Time became a true inspiration for me as I looked for significance in my own life. I listened and listened some more and start to finish the songs really struck a chord with me in my own journey. From the beautiful ballad, “I’ve Always Loved You” to the rocking “Took My Place”, to the haunting “Can’t Take the Pain”, this album spoke to me at a personal level. Then there was this obscure song, “Don’t Say Goodbye” which became a favorite of mine. Written by Mark Lee, I always had a fondness for how personal this song seemed to be. It was a painful story that just works with Mac’s ability to personalize the song through his vocals.

It was clear to me that this band was like no other band. Not only were they musically superb to any “Christian” band I had ever heard, I just knew they had something special about them. In my own exploration of life I had to think, just believe. So their lyrics once again hit me right between the eyes. I truly had to believe.


Never mind all the things you heard about me
You’re never going to understand it
Every time that I’ve given you the truth
It’s never made a bit of difference
Disappointment takes you
Then the doubt, it breaks you
It’s enough to make you cry

Always looking for a sign
Miracles won’t change your mind
Tell me how much evidence you need
Turning truth into a lie
Hardened heart and blinded eyes
All you need to do is just believe

Never mind what you thing that you had seen
It all can change in just a moment
Here before you is all the proof you need
Why can’t you just believe it?

So I am, a teacher, a student, a father, a husband, and just struggling with the day to day living of life. It is into March and I continued to listen to the music and I’m thinking ok,it is now time to find out more about this band and find out if they get out on the road. That first experience is about to unfold in a way that I could never have imagined. The journey will continue with my first Third Day concert experience soon to come. Stay tuned.

About timfruth

Longtime public educator who retired. Love the outdoors and rapidly adjusting to a new me.
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