Payson School District looks to cut electives

Reading the Payson Roundup can sometimes be most enlightening on local educational issues.

It is most ironic that the spin continues in an effort to lower expectations of academic progress. In reading the article, it appears that the board has not a clue on how to save and keep electives at the high school. Payson High School has a 6 period day allowing students to have 24 opportunities for credits in a four year period. If they would throw away the idea that you have to have this ridiculous old school mentality of having a 6 period day and embrace a block schedule where students could take 4 classes a day each semester and would have the ability to earn up to 8 credits a year instead of six. This could save electives. It is my opinion a way for administration to get rid of some specific teachers and programs.

In the Roundup from October 1, 2010 when then board president Rory Huff was running, the Roundup shares the following:

“Huff also wants to place more emphasis on the district’s vocational programs since he says a large percentage of students enter the work force as plumbers, electricians, carpenters and other trade professionals instead of occupations requiring a university diploma.

“I feel most of our efforts are spent getting students ready for college and a four-year degree,” Huff said.”

In the current article Huff is quoted, “He said the district should protect its core academic classes, even if that means limiting electives. “Maybe some of these other courses are going to have to fall by the wayside.”

In little time, this district and board continues to flip and flop not having any idea or plan to increase opportunities for students and to save valuable electives. And who continues to suffer? The students.

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