Road Tripping

Sometimes the life of a high school basketball official can be a lonely one. Yesterday I drove 180+ miles one way to do an assigned basketball game in Flagstaff. It was a division 4 girls sectional basketball game. A number one seed vs a number 8 seed. The score at halftime was something like 40 to 11 and I have decided you know don’t make this a drudgery but live life and enjoy. So I just had fun. How, smile and enjoy the moment.

After the game, I’m thinking 180 miles back to Canyon Day? Oh Lord help me. It is times like these that you truly question why am I doing this? Ok, it got me to Flagstaff for 45 cent wings and some tasty porter from a local brewery and the opportunity to go to my favorite clearance type store: Marshall’s. I discovered a pair of $250 Mark Nason Italian boots that are made  of leather and genuine rubber bottoms. They were clearance for $39 and I grabbed them. I even found some great high end New Balance fleece jackets for $10 each.

My game was horrid but the shopping or rather spending was great. Passing time on the highway talking on the cell phone with family was helpful as well. I finally arrived in Canyon Day at 12:15 am and wired as can be resulting in little sleep. Close to a 400 mile round trip was maybe just worth it.

About timfruth

Longtime public educator who retired. Love the outdoors and rapidly adjusting to a new me.
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