Down In The Florida Keys

About a year ago, Carolyn had suggested that we should try to get a room in Key West, Florida if and when any came available using my employee rates. We eventually were able to book five nights for our birthdays in October. We were excited that we would be able to discover some new places and have a relaxing beach vacation in a state we had been to only once before. Along came Covid putting our planned vacation in jeopardy. As we approached my birthday to fly October 1, our anxieties were in full bloom since flight schedules and number of seats available became less and less but we decided to give it a shot. We are glad we did.

We managed to get to Fort Lauderdale via Southwest Airlines with a stop in Denver. We land in the early evening to discover that Broward County had some tight restrictions in place. Our stay was at a Hampton Inn close to the airport and the Three Sons Brewery. We grab a Lyft and head over to Three Sons only to find out that the kitchen had closed. We still grabbed us a brew and discovered that there was a place to order food from just a short walk away the Historic Dockers Restaurant and Pub. The bartender let us know that the restrictions include Broward County checking their sales slips to make sure all food is ordered before a specific time (I believe 10:00 pm). He let us eat our beer battered Mahi fingers that we had ordered to go. They were so tasty. Unknown to us, there was a group next to us that were on our flight from Denver who gave us an impromptu happy birthday song.

Thursday has become Friday and we are flying standby on Silver Airways to Key West. What a great flight on a jet propeller plane that was as smooth a flight as I had ever had. It was beautiful looking out on the ocean as we traveled down the coastline.

Arriving in Key West, the airport has the charm of other Caribbean airports where you walk across the tarmac into the terminal. We grab a Lyft to our hotel the Casa Marina. In a Covid world we are masked up and check in to our upgraded room thanks to Kevin and Laurayne Croke. They just happen to know people. Never knew that was coming. Blessed beyond measure, this trip is looking good so far.

After a quick bite to eat at the beach side restaurant, we decide to get some exercise and walk into downtown Key West. On our walk we pass the southern most point in the USA and head to a quaint, cozy brewery, First Flight, the southernmost brewery in the USA. Filled with history, (the origination of Pan Am Airways) this is a must see stop and place to have a drink. The ambiance is special and the light rain falling makes for a nice quiet romantic spot on our walk.

On this Friday evening, Key West is packed. We walk on down to the Waterfront Brewery to enjoy the Crazy Lady Honey Blonde Ale. What a great craft beer. Light with a taste of honey. Not many better then this.

We avoid the stops that are loaded with people as it appears all the workers have masks on but few of the patrons. Social distancing could be an issue but we loved walking down by the water listening to the vibe from the tourists. Our first day is in the books and it is a great start to our R & R vacation spot.

As we walk down the famous Duval Street we are amazed or maybe astonished at how many people are packed in the various bars and restaurants. We chose not to do any of those but we sure enjoyed the vibe of the area and all the people watching as we walked back to the Casa Marina.

Down In The Florida Keys

This Paradise Seems Made For You And Me

Down In The Florida Keys

The Land Of Love Is Down Here In The Keys by Gerd Rube

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