It’s A Beautiful Day: Deschutes River Trail in Bend

Still in Bend, Carolyn and I decide that we will hang out by the Deschutes River for most of the day. We drive over to the Old Mill District where the lumber mills used to be in full swing. What a great project that incorporated history with some imagination and made it into a destination spot. Looking at all the smoke in the air these days, I’m wondering if maybe they need to start up a few more mills. Oh well, what Bend did with the Sawmill district is something special. REI came in and built a signature store in one of the old mill buildings and other retail and food and beverage spots are all in the area. The Deschutes River is hopping with people floating in the river, biking along the paths, joggers, and others just out for a walk. Bend even has a spot in the Old Mill District where you can surf in the river using a water chute that was built in the river. Quite creative and even though Covid restrictions are in force, the place is buzzing.

Carolyn and I head south on our river walk and what a great urban trail. Relaxing but still we get our aerobic exercise in by completing a 6+ mile walk. We manage to escape people and our time is extra special as we enjoy discussing all sorts of topics from my father’s passing to where do we go next. I simply love these times with Carolyn. They are extra special and just being with your soul mate to discuss one’s fears and anxieties, and past experiences, and what’s next. These special alone times touch my very being. Just walking by running water brings about a peace that is indescribable for me.

We stop on our journey and grab a drink at a spot in the Old Mill District, Anthony’s. Anthony’s is a bit upscale and has a nice setting to sit outdoors distanced from everybody but ourselves. We head back to the car and head to the Deschutes Brewery Tasting Room. This place is a monster building that is relatively new and we were scheduled for a tour but Covid said we couldn’t. So we just had to do socially distanced craft beers in the warehouse.

Our afternoon winds down and we head back to the Doubletree cleanup and walk downtown. Our first stop is McMenamins Old St. Francis School. This literally was an old school turned into multiple restaurant/bar/brewery themed property. It is very cool and is part of a Northwest group that repurpose old historic type building into entertainment/dining/hotel type properties. They are very cool and fun spots. We grab a couple of their drafts on the patio and enjoy the atmosphere.

From McMenamins we walk to the Bend Brewing Company for what they advertise as the best fish and chips in Bend. We obtain outdoor seat close to the river and dig in. The meal is good but I would argue that the fish and chips from Sunriver Brewing Company is the best but still good eats.

Our last night is Bend is great and tomorrow’s journey will take us to Mount Hood.

Deschutes River Trail Bend, OR

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Longtime public educator who retired. Love the outdoors and rapidly adjusting to a new me.
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