Lookout Mountain

Early in January, I decided to get out into the Phoenix City Park system and take on some local hikes that were not far from home. I knocked off Deem Hills and Sonoran Preserve and decided to tackle Lookout and Shadow Mountain trail areas.

First stop was the Lookout Mountain Park on a beautiful Tuesday mid morning trek. I took off on the Lookout Mountain Circumference Trail and headed counterclockwise to Lookout Mountain Summit Trail. Both trails are in great shape and not over trafficked on a Tuesday. Very few folks out enjoying the area so it was quite pleasurable to be out in city park.  The Summit Trail is approximately 500 foot elevation gain in just over a half mile. Great views of the city and surrounding area at the top. Nobody there and I was able to just kick back and read while taking it all in. Spent some time just thinking. I hiked back down and on to the Circumference Trail and looped back around to my starting point. Even enjoyed some flowers along the way.

The total hike was about 4.25 miles with a total elevation gain of 1070 feet. The trails in my estimation would be moderate with some ups and downs along the way. To me there is no such thing as a bad hike. Outdoors, beautiful day, lovely place to clear the mind, but I wasn’t done.

Next stop was Shadow Mountain and I entered in off of Acoma Drive. Knowing little about the trails and with no signage, I just took off and decided to climb to the top of Shadow Mountain. I really had no idea that there was no actual trail to the summit and I had to put myself into some sort of precarious positions but I was determined to get there. Once again another place of beautiful views. I could see right to Shadow Mountain High School’s parking lot and just for a moment I thought I saw Mike Bibby crossing the parking lot. (Ok bad joke but I could see the high school) I’m so glad I found a way to the top but it was a challenge. My personal hike was 1.5 miles and a 600 foot elevation gain. Challenging but exhilarating.

Great day of new adventures in another Phoenix City Park. Always like to reward myself with a craft beer, so on the way home I stopped by North Mountain Brewing for  a fine Golden Ale as described by the brewery: A golden ale brewed with Oats, Rye and Arizona Wildflower Honey, giving extra flavor to this easy drinking Ale. I would say my glass was half empty. IMG_2360

Let’s just say it was good.

About timfruth

Longtime public educator who retired. Love the outdoors and rapidly adjusting to a new me.
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