Jump On It: Wedding Time Trip To Jersey

IMG_3621Tonto, (Tim) jump on it, jump on it, jump on it…
Kemosabi, (Uncle Bob) jump on it, jump on it, jump on it…
Custer, (Uncle Frank) jump on it, jump on it, jump on it…
Apache, (The Cerars) jump on it, jump on it,

Sugarhill Gang

So Thursday morning me and my girls plus Grandma Carol jumped on it and headed out to New Jersey for Cousin John Cerar’s wedding. Of course our day would start with an over an hour plane delay on American Airlines, so we jumped on it and headed over for a Bloody Maria. Why? I have no clue, we were on vacation So with a long plane delay why not? We had to leave Bryan behind due to him working on obtaining his Certificate to become a flight instructor. That meant he was “auditioning” the entire day in Tucson. He would join us on Friday morning.

After getting in Newark, we managed to catch a Uber XL and rode for an hour in rush hour traffic in a nice Black Escalade. That only cost me a hundred and twenty bucks but we arrived in style at the Marriott in Saddle Brook, NJ. We rapidly changed and grabbed another Uber XL (this time a Honda Pilot) and off to the rehearsal dinner hosted by Uncle John and Aunt Tina Cerar. Was it ever good. The food never ended. Hot appetizer, then Pasta, the a salad, then a choice of entrée, then desert. By the time this little dinner was over, I couldn’t even button my pants and I still had a wedding to go to on Friday. We got to hang out with Carolyn’s cousins and OMG, they are beyond fun to hang out with. Kevin and Alison Cerar, Kevin and Laurayne Croke, Jeff and Amy Cerar, and of course the soon to be husband and wife John and Theresa. It was great time but we have more to do. Included in the evening was our Aunt Emilie Cerar. She is always fun to hang with.

So we jump back on it and head back to the hotel bar. The Jets were playing the Bills on Thursday Night Football and Cousin John is a big Bills fan while his brother Jeff and their father Uncle John are Jets fan. It was a rocking time and we sure livened the place up. And Cousin John gets the win. While hanging out, Caitlin gets a call from Bryan that he has passed his multiple flying tests and instructing tests and he is now officially a Certified Flight Instructor. This is big and joyous news, so we have multiple reasons to celebrate. Bryan has a red eye to catch so he can join us in the morning.

Friday the 13th has arrived. I didn’t sleep so well but I’m not letting that stop me. I take off with Jeff on a “buy some beverages” run. It is a fun trip and I get to talk with Jeffrey who is a high school math teacher and a football coach. He’s doing well and teachers are near and dear to my heart so it is a great time on the road. Once we return I go to Dunkin Donuts to get some much needed coffee. Carolyn returns from a run/walk with her mother and Aunt Em. Carolyn convinces me to go out for a run with her. She’s already run but she only ran 3.5 miles so she wants to do the run again and I jump on itIMG_3624IMG_3625. Beautiful park run along a creek that has bike/walk, run paths that go for over six miles. One would never know you are in a city. The leaves are colorful and it is a nice crisp day. I’m thinking it isn’t going to make up for all the calories I’ve absorbed and am about to absorb.

Carolyn’s cousin Karyn has now arrived with Anthony. Uncle Frank and Aunt Lorraine Cerar and their cousins Bob and Janet Colbert have found their way to the hotel. I don’t know what that makes Bob and Janet to me but they are sure fun to be around. So we added in more cousins and aunts and uncles and I tell you that this is going to be a fun evening.

As we get dressed to head to John and Theresa’s wedding, the news of the bombings in Paris has started to circulate. Here we go to celebrate while at the same time mourning for those in Paris. There are buses to take us to the The Venetian and we arrive in time. The room is packed and the wedding goes off without a hitch. Cousin John has married his beautiful bride, Theresa. She looks spectacular and full of life. She is a warrior.

I eat so much during the cocktail hour that I am stuffed. For the 225+ guests, there is a sushi bar, an entire roasted pig, prime rib, seafood–clams, oysters, Mexican food bar, fresh veggies, and on and on and of course an open bar. I thought for sure that this must be the dinner but it isn’t. We move on to the next grand ballroom.

The time for wedding party introductions has come and then it is time to move on to dancing and so Carolyn and I “jump on it”. The highlight in all of this is Jeff toasting his brother. One funny story after another. It is absolutely hilarious.

Carolyn and I are sitting with Bob and Janet. I’m not certain what is but Bob and I always seem to have a riotous time. I eat for the umpteenth time and my waist continues to expand right before my eyes. Bob and I have our theme, Jump On It and of course we get to circle around and do our best Jump On It moves. The guests dance the night way. Jordyn gets a sample of “tonights going to be a good night” fun. Watch for Bryan, as he moves to avoid the camera. Don’t Believe Me, Just Watch.

IMG_3656IMG_3655Our party bus heads back to the hotel. The mood is light since we are all celebrating John and Theresa’s wedding but there is talk of Paris in close conversations. All of us have been keeping tabs on the events.

As we are about to leave, we have the beautiful bride “jump on it” for the ride to the hotel. It is quite the trip. Jordyn is in the front seat arguing with the bus driver over the radio stations. We find out the driver keeps rotating the stations adding for a static filled ride, driving all a bit wacky. When you look at the pictures, note that Uncle John is on the right and Uncle Bob is on the left. Now you know who is who and it was a “Jump On It” ride to the hotel.

After-hour parties continue and we finally hit the rooms around 2:00 EST. We have had a great wedding and a great celebration with family. Just around the corner a Saturday Uptown Funk is awaiting. Saturday night and we in the spot — Don’t believe me just watch.

Jump On It

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