Back to California–Birthday and Brew Festival–Part 2

We’ve got California in our eyes
Come on and catch us if you can
With California in our eyes
Fast as we can
Back to California
Come on and catch us if you can
Back to California
Fast as we can
Back to California

The Wallflowers

Brew Fest is underway. We are here for a belated birthday gift to Jordyn and to celebrate Bryan’s birthday. It could not have been any nicer. Our early entry tickets has us waiting in line with all the beautiful people. It appears like everybody had early entry tickets and so many craft breweries and to think unlimited tasting in our 4 oz provided cup. This is only the second craft beer festival I have ever gone to and it is a doozy. The place is packed, bands on a stage, craft breweries from all over including Arizona. It is warm by San Diego standards and talking with people, they are like, “oh you’re from Arizona, so you must have brought the heat with you.” Yup, and I’m loving it. Standing with this one guy in line and he tells me how he rode the train from LA just to be here and he will jump back on and head for home later this evening. And to think, he has already plowed through several big brewskis and he isn’t even in the festival.

People at these events are a hoot. Fun, happy, friendly, just fun times. IMG_1413With over 70 breweries in attendance and each offering at least two of their pours, you can imagine that it could be somewhaIMG_1176.JPGt overwhelming since there is no way you can have them all. But every place has some that are memorable. The first standout for me is the Pumpkin Ale from Dogfish Head. This is the very first tapped keg of the Pumpkin Ale for the season. If you like pumpkin, this one really stands out. Probably my second favorite pour of the day. My favorite pour of the day comes from a little brewery in Tempe, Huss Brewing Company. It is located in a warehouse area close IMG_1205to the Costco on Elliott. They had a new brew the Koffee Kolsch. It is a seasonal and it is fabulous. If you like coffee, this one is a real winner in a lighter brew. To make things better, an old hangout that Chuck Hardt introduced me to in the early 80’s: the Belly Up Tavern was in attendance. That was quite the place and brought back some fine memories.

So think about it, 70 or so breweries, and each offering at least two varieties and lets say you have two oz of each one, well, I would say impossible but it sure is fun to try different things. I’m completely convinced that this is a fun way to spend time with family. Jordyn gets the band to sing Happy Birthday to Bryan and that is really cool since he gets pointed out in front of about a couple thousand craft beer attendees. It is a fabulous event and I think I might have to find some of other craft beer festivals. They bring out some fun folks of all ages over 21. It is time for this party to move on for the evening.

Caitlin decides that we are all headed out to eat pizza at some craft beer and pizza joint out in the Ocean Beach area. The Pizza Port Brewing Company. So what do we do? Uber, yes Uber it out to Ocean Beach. It is a great choice since the place is completely filled with the fine looking California people. The pizza is good and they have their own craft brews to enjoy. WIMG_2881e eat up and head out to the beach fIMG_2954or a nice sunset and listening to the ocean. It is awesome. The weather is fabulous and we get to hang out on the pier for awhile before we catch another Uber back to the hotels. Taylor Swift just so happens to be in town rocking the Petco Park so it is a lively evening with fireworks and people everywhere.

The nighttime is the right time for some sleep and we drift off after a fabulous adventure in San Diego.

All good things have got to come to an end eventually and as Sunday arrives that means one more run in the city. I head off just trusting my ability to get back and not get lost. I run along the train tracks for awhile and decide to head up to Petco Park and run by it and then I head IMG_2871across the city and back down through Little Italy. What a great run through the city. Clean and quiet on a Sunday morning. Even the homeless folks have kept their space picked up. Starbucks and lunch down at Seaport Village. We have to head out to the airport after coffee and lunch with everybody.

As I board the plane for Phoenix it occurs to me that yes, I get it, and yes I’m going back to Cali. Of all the cities I have visited, I think San Diego just might be the one to call me back.

Let’s move back to California
Let’s make a promise, baby
Let’s both be there
Put our feet deep in the sand
There’s still no shortage in creating bad blood
We’re on our way back to California

The Wallflowers

Coming soon to my blogosphere, a trip to the Grand Canyon that brings out the fun in us.


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