You know a dream is like a river: A Sunday Trip to Fossil Creek

The River

You know a dream is like a river
Ever changin’ as it flows
And a dreamer’s just a vessel
That must follow where it goes
Trying to learn from what’s behind you
And never knowing what’s in store
Makes each day a constant battle
Just to stay between the shores…

And, I will sail my vessel
‘Til the river runs dry
Like a bird upon the wind
These waters are my sky
I’ll never reach my destination
If I never try
So I will sail my vessel
‘Til the river runs dry

Too many times we stand aside
And let the waters slip away
‘Til what we put off ’til tomorrow
Has now become today
So don’t you sit upon the shoreline
And say you’re satisfied
Choose to chance the rapids
And dare to dance the tide…

Yes, I will sail my vessel
‘Til the river runs dry
Like a bird upon the wind
These waters are my sky
I’ll never reach my destination
If I never try
So I will sail my vessel
‘Til the river runs dry

There’s bound to be rough waters
And I know I’ll take some falls
But with the good Lord as my captain
I can make it through them all…

Garth Brooks

To help with the expenses of life, I have taken on officiating spring football on Saturdays in the Phoenix area. It is a great way to make a few extra dollars even though it really extends your week. Officiating pays well for a part-time job and I get to do something that I enjoy. Besides I get to hang out with my friends Norm and John. But, after a full day of added work, I’m ready to sit right down and watch the river flow.

Oftentimes I find myself dreaming about what could have been, what might have been and what will be.  In those confusing times when life happens, I find that flowing water brings about a sense of peace no matter what life throws at you. Having a daughter getting married, another daughter in college, and having your own work stress issues, I sometimes need that time to just get away and watch the river flow.

Sunday has arrived. Carolyn and I decide that a hike to Fossil Creek just might be what we are looking for. Our stress remover for the week. It is my own spiritual journey where I can God’s presence through the beauty of the great outdoors. (A story for another time.) It is a fabulous day for a hike and we are rewarded with few cars at the trailhead. It is always nice not having the crowds when seeking some solitude. I love these moments that I get to spend with Carolyn alone since that hasn’t always been the case due to various factors but who’s complaining? Not me, I’m enjoying the time alone with my lady, chasing my dream and just watching the river flow.

Today we bring Roxy who is this little dog of ours that weighs all of about 12 lbs and she just loves taking us on a walk. We realize that she may need some help getting out and she might not be the only one needing some help since coming back up from the creek is quite a trek. It is about a 10 mile hike roundtrip to the waterfall and back with a climb out of about 1500 feet. It takes us about an hour and a half to get there and I always am amazed and rewarded with beauty unlike any place in Arizona. The waterfall is the main attraction but just east and west of the waterfall are areas along the creek that you can just sit and enjoy time alone without anybody around. Weekends are often crowded but today–not so much.

Fossil Creek is extra special now since the Forest Service has removed the dam that once diverted water to a small power plant. (Plenty of history to check on if you like.) The area is designated a wilderness area but we are amazed at the amount of trash left behind as we descend into the canyon. I have brought a bag and I am determined to clean up stuff left behind on the trail when we return to the top.IMG_2275

We have brought our Subway chicken sandwich and plenty of water and we are rewarded with a heavier then usual waterfall. As always, we are in awe and it is so relaxing to just sit right down and watch the river flow.

There are a few folks around but they are the quiet friendly type and some are in the water enjoying the coldness of the water and the cleanness of the water. Clear and beautiful.IMG_2278The day is beautiful and we just hang out de-stressing from the daily grinds of a long week. As always, our kids are on our minds as d-day, and I literally mean D-Day, (June 6, 2015) is rapidly approaching as we prepare for our daughter Caitlin’s IMG_2286wedding. We are no different then anybody else as the stress of life can just get to you but being outdoors and being able to talk about the issues really does work for us.

The time pass rapidly and it is time to get up and head out. Knowing what lies ahead (1500 foot climb) is on my mind. It will be trash pick up time and I still cannot comprehend why people just throw stuff down and leave it. It is dumbfounding. It’s not like they don’t have signs reminding you to pack it and pack it out.IMG_2284

Today we find McDonald’s garbage and plenty of empty plaIMG_2288stic water bottles on the way out. I’m carrying garbage and Carolyn now has to carry Roxy during parts of the trek up to where we started. There are longer stretches of no talking as the climb is long and tiring. It is a cardio workout that often catches many by surprise who are not prepared and have little water and poor shoes. Today we pass those who appear to better prepared then what we often have seen in the summertime.

As we approach the top, Roxy has gained new found energy and she has really picked up the pace. We take about 2.5 hours to get up which for us is a bit longer but what’s the rushIMG_2289? My Gap bag is filled with trash. I have done my good deed for the day and it is time to celebrate with trip to That Brewery. Sunday happy hour awaits and we get to sit on the patio and enjoy a cold one or two. I’m a stout beer type and enjoy the Monsoon Mud and Carolyn is quite fond of the Strawberry Blonde. I am still stunned that Payson somehow failed to welcome this group with open arms. Craft breweries are cool and hip and their popularity is continuing to grow. Carolyn and I discuss this almost every time we visit That Brewery and to think Cottonwood got the distribution side of That Brewery. What a loss to the Payson area and nobody accepts the blame. (That’s another story for another day.) Since it is Sunday, they have a two dollar off special on their burgers to go along with $3 pints. Quite a bargain. Food today is not as good as usual but the beer is what we are here for and it does not disappoint. Reflecting on the life I live while sipping a cold one on the patio with my wife and my dog is just another part of the dream.

As the day’s journey ends, I think Garth’s song “The River ” really reflects my feelings. You know a dream is like a river and I’ll never reach my destination if I never try.

I leave you with this haunting cover of the Garth Brooks classic. It is a version I most enjoy.

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Longtime public educator who retired. Love the outdoors and rapidly adjusting to a new me.
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