I’m Walking On Sunshine–The Journey Continues

I feel alive, I feel the love, I feel the love that’s really real I feel alive, I feel the love, I feel the love that’s really real I’m on sunshine, baby, oh Oh, yeah, I’m on sunshine, baby

Oh, I’m walking on sunshine, whoa I’m walking on sunshine, whoa I’m walking on sunshine, whoa And don’t it feel good

Katrina and the Waves sort of a One-Hit Wonder Group. It is a Friday morning and I would have liked to sleep in but the 2005 Mazda 3 is scheduled for a detail since we are insurance poor with four vehicles on the insurance rolls and time to move one on. I drop off my car with Andy from Mobile Auto Detailing to get the car looking top notch and I will just say, they do an outstanding job on making your car look and smell new. http://www.payson-az-auto-rv-detail.com/ I highly recommend Andy for any car detail you might want to have done. The car is going to my soon to be son-in-law’s place where the master salesman–Bryan will turn that baby for some cold-cash. (I’ve got confidence in him) (Update: Sold in hours after being listed on Monday to the second prospect at full listed price.) I have to get rolling to pick up my mother-in-law from the airport since her plane times have completely changed and Carolyn has already scheduled a meeting with a lady to make some sort of garter thing for Caitlin’s wedding dress. Too complicated for me since I’m not understanding all the work that goes into these wedding plans but so be it. Anyhow I head out to pick up Carol in her sweet Toyota Corolla that is fun to drive. Carolyn will meet us later in the Valley to swap cars and drive Carol back home from her vacation with relatives. The airport connection is as smooth as silk, as I have taken Carol’s ride and we head off to Bryan’s to drop off stuff for the wedding yard sale scheduled for Saturday morning. We all head over to Mello Mushroom for happy hour since Bryan has heard good things and I’m always up for half off on just about anything. http://mellowmushroom.com/ It does not disappoint and we get joined eventually by Carolyn and Caitlin for a fun time sitting on the patio. They have some soft pretzels that are the best pretzels I have ever eaten. They also have a craft beer list that just might be the envy of many places and they are half off. Carolyn and mom head back to Payson and I stay since I’m sort of a yard sale junkie and I look forward to moving items out with Caitlin and Bryan. The yard sale is a hit as Caitlin’s designer clothes leave in many shopping bags. We even have some memorable customers like the “tweaked” out one who wants to buy jewelry but has no money and says he’ll be back with his six bucks and he drives off and comes back. It sort of felt like an episode of “Breaking Bad” where Jesse is tweaking out. Eventually the day ends, Carolyn rejoins us after meeting on shower plans for Caitlin and we get to count the take and it is a good day. They will reopen for a time on Sunday for a clearance sale but Carolyn and I are headed for a South Mountain hike. After a nice Mexican food dinner at La Casa De Juana (Jordyn gets to join us) in Tempe http://juanashouse.com/, we head back to Mello Mushroom for a late night time on the patio. I sure enjoy spending time with my soon to be son-in-law and my girls. The opportunity to talk about raising children arises and if nothing else I have some great experiences to share. (but that is for another day)

Sunday morning is upon us and Carolyn and I head to the Pima Canyon Trailhead off of 48th street and are lucky to find a spot to park. Of course we are quite far from the actual trailhead but walking is a good thing. It is an absolutely beautiful morning for a hike on the urban trail system in South Mountain Park. IMG_2110The trail system is phenomenal with many places to mountain bike or hike. It is fairly crowed on the trails but the further we go, the less people we see. IMG_2112We head up National Trail and take a side trip on the Hidden Valley Trail back to the National Trail and up to Buena Vista Lookout area. The views are spectacular and we do our Jordyn poses overlooking the city. It is such a joy to be out with Carolyn just once again enjoying the time and talking about important items to us like Caitlin’s wedding, Jordyn’s college, and the time alone on the trail is magical. It really does feel like I’m walking on sunshine. The trails have become quite popular with both hikers and bikers and that idea of sharing the “road” is essential.        IMG_2115  I have learned that hikers yield to horses and bikers are to yield to hikers and horses. As you can imagine this is not always the case as rules and proper etiquette are often ignored or unknown. We manage to not get run over by bikers and head back down and use the Mormon Trail loop to return to National Trail and back to the trailhead. It really was a beautiful day and it is a credit to the City of Phoenix to have such a fantastic trail system and a way to escape the city. Surrounded by city but in a refuge IMG_2117where you can be alone. I’m so disappointed that I didn’t discover these years ago. These days have continued to lift my spirits and I have enjoyed connecting with family and realizing that these are the moments I will remember and take with me when I am gone. So I am walking on sunshine Enjoy a little Walking on Sunshine.

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Longtime public educator who retired. Love the outdoors and rapidly adjusting to a new me.
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