Crosstown Traffic: A Friday Night Halloween Road Trip

Nothing like being on the road, traveling, another edition of Friday Night Football. It is a “spooktacular” type of day being Halloween and working high school football. This time I get to take Carolyn on the road since the game is in Flagstaff and at the NAU Dome. Dan and Maria Waring are coming to town so the evening promises to be fun. A crosstown rivalry football game between Flagstaff High School and Coconino High School where bragging rights are at stake makes for an exciting evening. Neither team had a great record and both have struggled but you can throw all of that away since these teams will bring it.

Carolyn dumps me off at the less then outstanding motel, the Aspen Inn Suites, which ironically is where I lived for an entire year while attending NAU. It hasn’t improved since I had last stayed there so many years ago. Saying that it is tired would be kind but it is clean which is saying something. Carolyn takes off on her three hour run and I mentally prepare for football–I take a nap. Nick Waring, Dan and Maria’s son, who is finishing up some accounting work at NAU, picks me up and off we go to the game. (We went right by the free social hour–that’s some serious willpower.)

Great, great and fun game. The game brought out the best of both teams and it was classic. Huge crowd, indoors at the dome–warm! The game was tight throughout with Coconino winning 22-13. I will not bore you with details but it was one of those games you just nail. I worked the Coconino sideline and had some great interaction with the coaching staff. Our crew included the injured tough guy–Shane Walker, long-time Payson friend–Norm Tucker, Nick Waring. and Mark Rova. We were for the most part on top of our game. For more coverage

Late starting game meant late starting night on the town. So the Warings and the Fruths start out at Majerle’s Sports Grill since they serve some late night eats. Food was good and they have a very nice selection of craft brews but they sure know how to play the menu game. Their own menu inside the restaurant says that women get 2 for 1 drinks after 10 on Fridays. Of course they didn’t honor that since they said that was old and they don’t do that any more. Their website states that they have reverse happy hour on Friday’s after 10:00 pm but that didn’t work either. No wonder the crowd was small. Of course for entertainment, they blasted music videos that were just totally degrading to females. I was beyond shocked. Did I mention small crowd, could that be a reason why? Oh well, you deal with it and go on.

We get up and head out for a walkabout downtown. It was nuts! What a crazy fun atmosphere. The entire downtown was packed with the Halloween revelers. Almost everybody in costume–except for us and they probably thought we were in costume. So we go to the Green Room. It was packed with everybody in costume (except us). The energy was incredible. Good craft beer selection friendly place. Costumes were phenomenal and fun to view. Should say we were obviously the oldest ones there.

Back out on the streets we go and every place seemed to have lines to get in. I haven’t experienced anything like that in what seems like forever. A police officer gives us some suggestions for a more low key environment to relax and he was very nice young officer. Great customer service skills. Not like that everywhere. We end up at the Flagstaff Brewing Company. Very cool small brewery with a great guest tap the Pumpkin Stout. It was awesome. Anyhow we sat outside and enjoyed the nice cool weather.

After a stop again at Majerle’s we still had no success at acquiring their advertised deals so on to the luxury suites we head for a good night of sleep. After all we were closing in on 2:00 a.m. Can’t say I have done that in recent memory.

Flagstaff really is a fun town at night. They run buses for students to get back to the campus safely and don’t charge. Very progressive and students use them as we could see they were packed. Just another positive for a town that redefined their downtown into a very cool place to be.

The morning hour comes way to soon and we wander down to the “hot” breakfast at our hotel and that was almost comical but the scrambled eggs were good.

Carolyn and I go for a short run at Buffalo Park Buffalo Parkwhich is part of the urban trail system for runners, walkers, and bicyclists that Flagstaff is known for. I got to try out my new trail shoes on the compressed dirt trail. Many people out enjoying the system. Flagstaff has an awesome urban trail system that I can only dream about in Payson. Flagstaff-Urban-Trails-and-Bikeways-Map.mediumthumb

Of course no trip would be complete without some bargain shopping at a variety of stores. That didn’t produce any excitement but eating at Five Guys did. Onward we go headed for home and some ASU football. Now that was a perfect ending to a fantastic couple of days.

Next up Ragnar Trail Run and some serious night time adventures. Stay tuned, you never know what might happen on the trail.

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Longtime public educator who retired. Love the outdoors and rapidly adjusting to a new me.
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