Road Trippin’ Flagstaff, AZ for a Packer Victory

Another year has come and gone and once again I have found myself on the road officiating high school basketball. Four days, eight games and I’m thinking that for an old guy, that isn’t too bad.

After a three day tournament at Blue Ridge High School in Pinetop, AZ, I get on home for a night only to find myself on the road again to Flagstaff, AZ for two afternoon basketball games. The good thing is Carolyn and Jordyn go along for the ride as we decided, lets just make it a mini vacation trip. The girls drop me off for the games and off to the clearance sales they go. Something like 90% off Christmas merchandise at Target and 75% off at Pier 1. Of course, I’m stuck in a gym but I get to work with the youngster Kelly Thomas from St. Johns, AZ and we had some fun. Games were done by 4:30 and off to sample the local goods we go.

I wasn’t about to head to Payson knowing that the Packers were playing in the first round of the playoffs so we had agreed to stay over at a hotel and go downtown and watch some Packer football. From the Flagstaff Brewing Company to Collins Irish Pub to Maloney’s, we had some fun. Rodgers’ jersey on my back and a chip on my shoulder as well, I was ready for a victory. So the story goes something like this.

Trip to Flagstaff, $95 cash officiating fees. Trip to the Irish Pub, -$50. Trip to Maloney’s -$20. Trip to hotel, -$100. Trip to Target and other sites I know nothing about, – (fill in the blanks). Turning a $20 bet into $60 with my brother the bookie, well good news. Watching the Packers win with my home girls, completely priceless.

What a great unplanned road trip to Flagstaff with the girls. Now I’m thinking, San Francisco. Hmm, how do I road trip to San Fran next Saturday? One can only dream. Go Pack Go.

Since Mike McCarthy, the Packers Head Coach left San Francisco, and the 49ers chose Alex Smith instead of Aaron Rodgers, I thought it most appropriate to give you some Tony Bennett.

About timfruth

Longtime public educator who retired. Love the outdoors and rapidly adjusting to a new me.
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