Am I Retired? Or am I simply tired once again?

Hmmm. Was I tired into retired? It has been about eight weeks since I “retired” from the public education sector in Arizona. 31 and done. It really has made me think about what next.

Surely after 8 weeks of “nothing” to do, I must be beyond bored and ready to embark on some great new adventure. Nope, but I have embarked on taking online college classes in accounting and human resource management and I now physically attend yoga. That amounts to 8 credit hours and more then I can handle. Yes Yoga, you know that stretching meditating activity where you use a mat and place your body in to some wild positions. I enjoy stretching with the retired folks which seem to be all women and one other male.

What does one do when they are tired, I mean retired? Walk the dog. My poor little dog now thinks that whenever I am out of bed or whenever I have completed a run, a bicycle ride, or any kind of movement, that equates to walking the dog. And yes I have faithfully walked Roxy around, drawing some interesting comments from cars passing by. I have now resorted to walking with headphones so I can focus on completing that activity.

Drinking Starbucks coffee for several hours each day really is hard work. Sitting with a bunch of men who collectively could solve most of the worlds problems is quite taxing. Of course this leads to bargain shopping for groceries each morning at Safeway and checking out the bargains in Basha’s. I have discovered all kinds of new beers for a buck a bottle, plus lunch meet at 99 cents a pound and I have added yogurt to my diet since you can always find the clearance yogurt in the morning. These bargain hunting activities have led to a challenge of who can find them first.

I can’t do that all day so maybe some homework on the computer and of course after several hours of coffee, I’m ready for lunch. Mix in some running, biking, swimming, and I am ready for a nap. After nap of course, I am responsible for fixing dinner. That has gone fairly well except Jordyn wanted to know if I knew anything else but grilling. Of course I don’t so protein is going to get grilled. Jordyn did say that I am a good house husband and I think she meant that as a compliment.

My wife has some projects lined up for me, but I have found I am just too busy to start them. Add in some football meetings and some football reffing and I just haven’t found the time to get to those projects. Like one of my “retired” friends says, “Tim, why do it to today since there is always tomorrow.” So I get nothing done today because tomorrow is around the corner.

I’m not certain how I ever found time to have a job, I mean Friday alone means at least two hours of yard sale activity and then you add another two hours for coffee and people watching, grocery bargain hunting and I’m ready for lunch.

This retirement stuff is really making me tired. So am I retired? Or am I tired? I will get to that after my nap.

About timfruth

Longtime public educator who retired. Love the outdoors and rapidly adjusting to a new me.
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