Sedona vs. Payson

Welcome Cyclists

Over the years, my family and I have fallen in love with the Sedona style of life. The dual communities of the Village of Oak Creek and Sedona have come a long way from the early days where scenery was king but little else supported the communities. Now the communities have invested in some interesting ways to slow traffic, improve trails, become bicycle friendly and overall just a great place if you love being active in the outdoors.

Since my wife and I enjoy the aspects of running and cycling, her much more then me, we love the fact that VOC and Sedona truly support and encourage the activities. All new roads have wide, user-friendly bike lanes. While riding, instead of being cursed at, run off the road, have bottles thrown at, people actually wave, smile, and give one the thumbs up of encouragement. Bike lanes are free of debris and multiple signs encourage cyclists.

If you like the idea of mountain biking, miles and miles of trails exist that are multi-use trails and I have watched people from all over drive in with bikes attached to their vehicles.

Payson has been my home now since about 1980. The difference is striking between the communities. Clearly leadership has lacked in Payson on embracing user friendly outdoor adventures that would attract the adventurous tourists who desire to hike, bike, run. I am not bashing Payson but my goal is too encourage Payson to select leadership who actively supports a lifestyle change for the community that seeks to add trails, bike lanes, and the appropriate signage. These adventure seeking tourists tend to be clean and green. They support recycling efforts and aren’t litter bugs who throw their trash on the highways and byways.

Welcome! Bike with us!

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Longtime public educator who retired. Love the outdoors and rapidly adjusting to a new me.
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3 Responses to Sedona vs. Payson

  1. MicahMarieAZ says:

    Reblogged this on Micah Tutay's Blogs of Randomness and commented:
    I agree with the comments made by my fellow Paysonite friend. Payson people spent a lot of time complaining about the flatlanders… Maybe if Payson showed outsiders how much their town means to them by taking similar steps as other Arizona towns, they would have less to complain about.

    • Koumei says:

      Congratulations! That was a huge step. I think the same kind of things when the bike idea crsesos my mind. If I would ever get the courage to enter a bike shop,I know that my first question AFTER “Can this bike hold me?” would be, “Do you have one of those wide seats?” Chuckle.You’re definitely moving in the right direction! Happy trails.Deb

  2. Andy says:

    I agree, and came to learn that it really does only take a few like minds to initiate positive change. I also came to learn that it takes endurance to institutionalize that change so that the vision is not lost when those few initiators move on.

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