Be Bold in Conversation

In our conversation with others, the name of Jesus or Christ is absent or is probably absent most of the time. Rarely do we have a conversation about Christ. In fact I would suggest that we probably hear the name Jesus used in vain more often then we ever use it in conversation. Could it be that if we brought up the name, others might think we are just plain weird or even odd? Most of us are probably timid and fearful when it comes to mentioning Jesus in a conversation. What we learn is that it really is not about us being unwilling but rather being afraid of what others might think.

Scripture came from Acts 5:27-42. The apostles were bold in their speech and preached the Gospel and were imprisoned, threatened with death, and beaten for their boldness. Pastor Donovan left us with four points to help us be more bold in conversation.

  1. Care less about what people think and more about being obedient. Acts 5:29, But Peter and and the apostles answered, “We must obey God rather than men.” In my opinion, this where most of us get hung up on being bold in conversation. We worry what will (fill in blank) think about us?
  2. Be willing to suffer dishonor. Acts 5:41 Then they left the presence of the council rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer dishonor for the name.
  3. Make sure your heart is right. We must resolve the sin in our lives so we can speak with confidence about Jesus. Talking about Christ should be a natural overflow. Is something missing from our life?
  4. Rely on the Spirit’s power to be greater than our fears. It is ok to be fearful but when relying on the Spirit’s power we are able to speak about Jesus.

This week we were left with the challenge to speak about Jesus in a conversation that we normally would not.

In the United States, we should have no fear about speaking freely about Jesus. I have connected with an organization known as the Voice of the Martyrs. All across the world, there are people speaking the name of Jesus and being thrown in prison, beaten, and killed. Are we not able to be bold in our own conversation knowing that others in less tolerant countries risk their life to spread the Gospel?

Check out the Voice of the Martyrs at it just might help you and me be more bold in our conversation with others. I say pray for the courage and the strength to be bold and you can help change the community in which you live.

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