Life in the trenches

After spending one of the more incredible weekends of my life at Jeff and Amy Cerar’s wedding, it was back to work. As I left New York and flew into Detroit on Monday, I received word that a student here in Whiteriver had been murdered along with her grandmother who she lived with. Truly a first for me in my 31 years in public education. So what a way to start back at it today. This horrific crime occurred about a half mile from where I live. Supposedly it happened sometime early Monday morning. Rumors run rampant as the FBI and BIA work the case. It is very unsettling to see the big black vehicles and the crime scene tape just a short distance away. Very tragic and troubling as they have yet to announce any arrest.

For the latest info on the incident:

I am just sort of numb to the violence and the tragedies that occur. Sometimes you just want to give up but you find another way to keep on going. I often think, “what next?” or “how much more tragedy can I personally endure?” I then try to dwell on the positive which is the many kids I work with that are such great kids who inspire me to continue. So my heart and prayers go out to the family impacted by this senseless tragedy. I also pray for God to give me the strength to give my all yet another day.

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Longtime public educator who retired. Love the outdoors and rapidly adjusting to a new me.
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  1. Your daughter told us about it at the airport monday. Terribly sad. But, then again, dwell on the positive – Your family is wonderful and you know which end of the knife is up……..

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