Good vs Evil Part 1

On Sunday, March 11, 2012, our lesson of the day was Good vs Evil. We focused on the book of Genesis and the story of Joseph. Joseph as you should recall was the child that his brothers were quite jealous of. He told his brothers this outrageous to them dream of how they would be bowing down to him. Anyhow they sold him into slavery and told the father that he was killed by wild animals. He falls in and out favor in Egypt and eventually back into favor and continues to be the interpreter of dreams. Famine hits and eventually his brothers come to Egypt not knowing him. Joseph helps them out and the key scripture was Genesis 50:20. “As for you, you meant it for evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept as they are today.”

Every single one of us will be subjected to evil. How we respond is critical. Will we ever get better or continue to be resentful. We can encounter evil and triumph over it. God’s goodness always triumphs over man’s evil. Donovan left us with four truths and questions to ask ourselves. I have answered the questions from an agonizing personal perspective.

  • God is sovereign over everything, including people’s evil.

Question: “Do I believe God is still in control of this situation and am I acting as though I believe it?”

I have for the most part figured this out. Yeh, God had to be in control and he placed me where I needed to be. Easy, heck no. Challenging, beyond what I thought I was capable of. I do believe that he is in control

  • Evil done to us is no excuse for us doing evil.

Question: “Am I repaying evil with evil or am I remaining faithful to be who God wants me to be and to do what God wants me to do?”

I think sometimes people misinterpret my actions as repaying evil with evil. I can sometimes let my sarcasm come out when it shouldn’t it. I have clearly poked fun and attempted to expose what I see poor decisions but I can do it because I truly believe that somebody has to expose things that are going wrong at Payson Schools. I truly believe that I am doing what God wants me to do with my work with kids in Whiteriver. So can I still be a critic without being seen as repaying evil with evil or should I let those insane decisions by inept individuals go unchallenged? Tough one.

  • Evil sometimes ends a good thing, but God turns it into something better.

Question: “Am I believing and trusting that God can use this evil to bring about something better in my life that I didn’t even know was possible?”

He has without any doubt as I believe I have answered the call and literally changed lives forever. I never knew it was possible when I first started but I do now. My life has improved financially, emotionally, and professionally, and to a great sense, spiritually.

  • God can use evil to bring about the growth in our lives.

Question: “How might God want me to grow as a result of this evil?”

Without a doubt, God wants me to grow and I have grown and stepped out my comfort zone to work in what most would considerable an uncomfortable job. I have grown into who I really am as an individual and have revisited what my gifts are.

This lesson really spoke to me at a very personal level. I really believe that I was the recipient of evil in my ending at Payson Schools in April 2010. In asking these questions of myself, I have reflected upon how I respond to evil. Through the process of moving to Alchesay and working there for my second year I think I can reflect on how I have handled it. Oh was I bitter and resentful. That part still pops up once in awhile but I have for the most part come to grips with it.

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Longtime public educator who retired. Love the outdoors and rapidly adjusting to a new me.
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